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The only acceptable birthday cake

so when you blow out that candle you’ll be killing that charmander happy birthday u sick fuk
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Black Panthers & Brown Berets
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another scary pair of pink shoes - this time, EYES
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Please make people sign this before driving. Worst driving peeve of all.

i have some bad news for you about the original meaning of this post

literally what happens when white people observe us using AAVE

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SOUTH AFRICA - The White Saviour complex can also be seen within societies. My aunty has taught for decades at an urban school in South Africa, and I was there when a white woman half her age started telling her all about the summer activities her church was running for “underprivileged children”. The woman then went on at length about how terrible the children’s backgrounds were (they were all apparently the children of drug addicts and sex workers)  and how much having someone play games with them was changing their lives. My aunty tried to interject with her opinion a few times, but ended up just listening politely because she couldn’t get a word in edgewise… after the woman left, it turned out that the children she was referring to included those at my aunty’s school, and that my aunty had a much better idea of what their backgrounds were (the vast majority from families who were trying their best for their kids - not that sex work isn’t a valid occupation) and had invested a lot more in their futures than someone who’d gone and played soccer with them once or twice. But that’s apparently not what white people want to hear.

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sorry tumblr

Too high for this shit

Not even high and this shit is bananas

holy shit
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See something, do something

Fuck yeah

Forever Reblog…..
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